The Dan Eldon Foundation (Creative Visions Foundation) supports “Creative Activists” – individuals who use the power of media and the arts to create positive change in the world.

I’ve been directly inspired by Dan Eldon since first reading The Journey is the Destination. Like countless others, I feel like I knew him, having attended sister Rudolph Steiner schools as youth, having resided in Africa at the same time that Dan lost his life, having lived and loved a globetrotting existence via the constant mantra of “safari”.

Reuters photojournalist and activist Dan Eldon coined the phrase “Safari as a Way of Life” – the idea being that you can turn any given day into an expedition that takes you out of your comfort zone – thus enabling incredible things to happen!

I’d like to thank Kathy Eldon, Dan’s mother, who has supported the concept of Flash River Safari from day one.


I’ve proudly joined forces with the Dan Eldon Foundation because I believe wholeheartedly in who they are as well as what they represent.

You can learn more about the exceptional work this foundation is sponsoring, mentoring and promoting by visiting Creative Visions.

2 responses to “DAN ELDON FOUNDATION

  1. Wynette Jameson

    Kathy Eldon is a force of nature and Dan’s influence is a tsunami. I feel so blessed to know all of you and to have the spirit of Dan over my shoulder.

    • flashriversafari

      Ditto to that, Wynette. I really feel that Dan is right there paddling along with me at times. Truly exciting to a part of the adventure!

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