Four months, Twenty-Two days later – New Orleans!

Fought severe weather to guide “The Andrea” safely into New Orleans. Wind and waves and rain and a plethora of barges and tankers as well as borderline hypothermia couldn’t keep me from this fine town.  Here’s some final thoughts on the journey of a lifetime.  My sincere thanks to everyone – could not have made it without your encouragement and support.  


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10 responses to “Four months, Twenty-Two days later – New Orleans!

  1. Ben

    Excellent work Neal!! I congratulate you on your adventure. Ben P.

    • Neal,
      Many, many congratulations. I must confess that I was skeptical that one man in a frail canoe could deal with all the hazards of that mighty river. But you handled them all in fine style. I envy you the adventure. Too bad we couldn’t meet up in St. Francisville. Hoist a cold one for me.

  2. Wynette

    Met Neal tonight and wow what a sweetheart. Your stories are fun, exciting and told with a fervor. Enjoyed hearing the two “newshounds,” Chris Kirkham and Neal swap stories of typhoons and hurricanes. Bad weather brings out the best in you guys. Looking forward to our next visit. CONGRATULATIONS on making the inspirational journey of a lifetime. I surely do not know of too many who could do it. So glad Dan Eldon brought us together.

  3. Janet Koehler

    Congrats on making New Orleans on schedule!! Glad the bad weather did not stop you! You are a tough lad there!! Enjoy the city…and the people!


  4. flashriversafari

    Cheers, everyone! Really a great feeling to have this trip safely behind me now. Your support, in word and deed, have been a great source of inspiration and encouragement on a journey that by and large was solo in nature. My best, Neal

  5. Chithra Kandaswami

    Congratulations Neal. Sath would have been happy for you. Actually, I am sure he is cheering you on. He is certainly with you in spirit.

    All the best,

  6. Audrey H. at the foot of the Blue Ridge in Virginia

    Neal, may I add my name to the list of congratulators on the completion of your amazing adventure! Enjoy deserved R&R in New Orleans, and I look forward to your sharing with your faithful website followers about how this safari has changed your life and perspective.

  7. Julie

    You Did It! Congrats! What an accomplishment. Now… back to Taiwan?

  8. Jo Ann and Ken

    Wow…you are something else! We look forward to hearing more from you and seeing you in Oxford again soon. Our best to you.
    Jo Ann, Ken, Jake and Taylor

  9. Audrey H. in Virginia

    I was pleased to see that you added a video interview. Just what I had hoped for–your personal reflections of what this trip has meant to you. I am inspired and awed by your observations, goals, and courage. It was an honor to vicariously safari down the Mississippi through you. Thank you, Neal!
    P.S. You’re mighty good at impromptu speaking!

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