Sunrise on the Mississippi

SunriseTunicaHighWoke up early this morning in preparation for a 50 mile river run from just north of Tunica, Mississippi to Helena, Arkansas.  Was in the water before the sun first broke, and when she did, I passed my first barge of the day.  This photograph captures a glimmer of  the scene.  The entire hour before this barge I was in absolute wonderment over how beautiful the sky was. On this trip, it’s times like this, when nature quite literally surrounds you, that all of the pain and struggles wash away.  Today there is a current and today is a very good day.

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One response to “Sunrise on the Mississippi

  1. anjanette

    hi neal this is anjanette im just keeping up with you in your journey . and i thank god that you are alright, and hoping one day you will call or i see you come in my town again. wow what a friend you are .keep up the good work may the lord continually bless you on the way ,your friend .

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