Halfway point reached: Cairo, Illinois

Reached the halfway point of my river sojourn tonight with a triumphant entry into Cairo, Illinois. The US Corp of Engineers calls it the halfway point because its where the river is divided into the Upper and Lower portions. In reality, I’ve got 1341 river miles behind me with 970 to go! Excited for the stories lined up here… Thanks everyone for following – here’s to adventure!


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7 responses to “Halfway point reached: Cairo, Illinois

  1. good luck in Cairo, and happy river trails ahead. We made the journey just a few short months ago – wonderful trip.


  2. So glad to see that you’ve reached Cairo, Neal. We passed you on YOUNG AMERICA around mile 35 on the Upper Mississippi. Thanks for giving us the web info so your progress can be tracked.

    We are very fortunate to be doing the Great Loop and, like you, are thoroughly enjoying all the folks we meet along the way. River towns are the greatest!

    Be safe and keep writing!
    Linda and Fred

    • flashriversafari

      Greetings from Cairo — really a pleasure to meet you in passing. Had been a tough day on the River with, as you’ll remember, a big storm earlier that day. Thanks so much for your kindness and friendly conversation – I really did appreciate it! Trust you’ll enjoy the Great Loop! Safe sailing and al best, Neal

  3. Marcel Cairo

    Wow. You reached “Cairo” on my birthday, Oct. 6. What a lovely little gift I got by seeing this in the wee hours of the morning.

    Neal, as a personal friend of the Eldon family, and as one of the keepers of Dan’s light, I applaud you for your efforts, and I envy you for your journey.

    Your are an official safari ambassador. Paddle on, my friend.

    Cheers from here,
    Marcel Cairo

    • flashriversafari

      Hey, Marcel – so glad to hear the good word. Having a swell time here in Cairo, Ill. Feel so honored to be in communication with the Eldons on this trip, complete with Dan’s mantra of “Safari” as my course and my guide. Quite literally the journey of my life. Cheers and best, Neal

  4. Dawn Valentine

    It was really nice to have you in our local restaurant all day Neal. As you can see we have some wonderful people in Cairo and I feel very fortunate to know them. If you leave Cairo without me being able to say SO LONG!! I wanted you too know it was wonderful to meet you. Please visit us at the NU-DINER if your ever in our area again!

  5. Ben

    Congratulations Neal. Stay safe.

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