Twilight with Twain


Couldn’t believe and still cannot believe the chance I was given to sleep over in the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum. Many thanks to the Town of Hannibal — ‘America’s Hometown’ — along with all of the wonderful people I was able to meet. Here’s the full report of my rather magical Twilight with Twain.


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3 responses to “Twilight with Twain

  1. Janet Koehler

    Wow! What an honor…and what a thrill that must have been to sleep in the same place that Sam Clemens slept…You are a real Tom Sawyer/Huckleberry Finn now! I’m sure that your publicizing the fund raising and all will be well-worth the priveledge you were given!

    Sorry that I didn’t hear from you as you paddled on by Dubuque and Bellevue, but I know you have a long way to go, and many more things to do! I’m so glad to have met you near McGregor and am enjoying following your trip so much!

    • flashriversafari

      Thanks, Janet. Am feeling rather Huckish the more I continue this journey. Loving every moment of the Great River Road to be sure. Am sorry to have missed you. Will look forward to coming back to Iowa following the journey. Will most definitely meet up again soon. All best – Neal

      • Janet Koehler

        I’ll be looking forward to your return to Iowa! I saw Greg Koether and his family yesterday.. (another sheep herding demo) They’re looking great. I know they will be looking forward to seeing you again too!!

        I’d say you have a right to feel rather “Huckish” with all that you’re doing! Good for you!

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