Modern day Huck Finn staying in Mark Twain Boyhood Home

HANNIBAL, Mo. (WGEM) — A national journalist is being called a modern day Huck Finn as he canoes the Mississippi River and blogs about the experience.

But it’s not just Neal Moore’s mode of travel that tie him to Mark Twain — Monday night the citizen journalist will sleep in the Mark Twain Boyhood Home.

Moore will be just the second person to stay the night in the boyhood home in nearly 100 years.

He says it’s a huge honor and he’s looking forward to the unique experience.

“To actually be there in the spot where the story was, the inspiration for stories of ‘Tom Swayer’ and ‘Huckaberry Finn’ with this trip down the river via canoe, it just all comes together and I couldn’t be happier,” says Moore.

Moore’s blog is frequently linked on CNN’s website, and he’s written numerous stories about America’s Hometown.



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