Dinner with Mark Twain


It’s now 8:45pm. A number of the townspeople of Hannibal came to wish me well and see me off. In four short days in this town I have been fortunate enough to have made several friends. From the executive director of the Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum to the shopkeepers of the town to the Bed & Breakfast contacts to the family of the boy who represents the town as Tom Sawyer. They all came out. I’ve had a grand time in this town. Went out two nights ago into the cemeteries up on Cardiff Hill and beyond – at midnight – just for good luck. Will have pictures to prove it! But tonight was just great. Even Mark Twain himself, portrayed by local Richard Garey, showed up to wish me well via a number of Twain quotes.

I sit at the dining room table of the Mark Twain Boyhood Home. Clemens never talked about food – but I can tell you that I had Pork tenderloin, Midwest Veggie Medley, Voss H20, Triple Choc Cake w/ Ice Cream, all courtesy of Julie at the Garth Mansion. There are period antiques all around me. I turn my head and I can see the front door of the home, directly thru the front greeting room. A door I recently closed after wishing what felt like half the town a swell good night.

It’s all very surreal. And yet it is real. Everything about this house is accurate – well, as accurate as can be. More on that later via a private tour with museum curator Henry Sweets.

For now, I’ll go get this uploaded. I need to sneak out the back and down the street to Java Jive to get WiFi.

More soon…


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One response to “Dinner with Mark Twain

  1. Cindy

    I will be surprised if you sleep one wink tonight.

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