A Guest Checks In

Finished my dinner and made my way upstairs. No ghosts to report – as of yet. Laid my foam pad and sleeping bag out on the boyhood bedroom of Sam Clemens. Period toys all around. “My, but it’s a bully taw!” A number of large and opaque marbles just up on the bed were found on site, I’m told by museum curator Henry Sweets. He reasons they could have very well belonged to young Sam as they date to the early 1800’s. Windows in the boyhood bedroom face the Mississippi River and out back to where Huck would have come calling.

More to follow…



Filed under Americana, Literary Reverie, Status Update

4 responses to “A Guest Checks In

  1. Cindy

    There is no five-star hotel on the planet that could measure up to these accommodations…

  2. What an experience for you, Neal. I hope you had wonderful dreams and can continue to tell the world about the wonders of the Mississippi River. It truly inspired young Sam Clemens and seems to be your guide to this fantastic journey

  3. Neal…fantastic work, really well done.

  4. Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do 🙂

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