Status Update from Keokuk, Iowa


Departed Nauvoo, Illinois last evening at around 5pm.  Spent two days in Nauvoo and will be bringing you a story shortly from that fine town.  Out on the Mississippi in these parts, where the river is famous for being deep, wide, and extraordinarily treacherous, the conditions couldn’t have been better with a subtle wind that helped push me right along.  I hugged the Illinois coastline around the bend and crossed the river, dodging a barge.  I could tell the sunset was going to be epic, which it most certainly was.  The entire scene was so surreal and picturesque that I stayed out on the river well into the dark – not wanting to give up that feeling of pure exhilaration and joy.  The lights of the Keokuk Yacht Club beckoned and I answered, keeping my sights on the lights of the marina until I at long last arrived.  Although a private club, the friendly staff welcomed me and let me pitch my tent along the breakwater for the night.  Next stop: Hannibal, Missouri, to be followed by an extended stay in the great city of St. Louis.


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One response to “Status Update from Keokuk, Iowa

  1. I saw you piece that you have done on agriculture. I must say that in a day and age in which we have gotten away from a true need to farm in this nation

    The fact that we do so much outsourcing means we need to revisit the real meaning of stability in this nation to survive in this nation today.

    God bless you for your accomplishments, and continue to let people know that learning is truthfully the way to fulfill stability.

    Joseph Reed Jr.

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