Neal Moore canoes the Mississippi and iReport will be following Flash River Safari thru a new interactive web page titled “Neal Moore canoes the Mississippi.” The page comes complete with a map and catalogue of stories – told from this, the Great River Road.  To view the page – just click here!


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3 responses to “ Neal Moore canoes the Mississippi

  1. Neal! How’s the journey? Just had a long talk with Lou yesterday. He’s interested in joining the rendez-vous in New Orleans.

    I finally finished the Rally For the Republic DVD … Hoping that will help get me out from under a mountain of debt.

    Speaking of that, I have to get to my handyman job.

    Safe travels, my brother. (and sorry I haven’t been a better “brother”!)


    • flashriversafari

      Hey, Bill, so great to hear the good word. Sincerely looking forward to meeting up yet again come NOLA! Would be great if Lew could come down as well. Going to be a swell time! Congrats on the DVD and all best!

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