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M5vTo take a look at the journey thus far, captured on camera, please visit my latest Flickr Photostream update by clicking here – featuring extensive photographs taken on multiple sustainable-agriculture farms in Northern and Southern Iowa.



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2 responses to “Latest Flickr Photostream

  1. Linda

    I enjoyed the photos of your trip. How lucky you are to have the opportunity to travel this part of the US and meet the people. This is the type of story I love to read. I’ve seen all I care to see about foreign countries and even the big cities here. These small towns and their people are the backbone, the literal foundation of this country and we don’t get to see them enough. These are the people who care, who care about their families, their towns and America. They aren’t stressing over whether their next car will be a BMW or a Lexus!
    Thanks for showing a mix of people and cultures. I especially want to thank you for the photos of the PowWow. Rarely, if ever do we see our Native American peoples. America has forgotten, or tries to forget that they even exist.
    Your trip is what I have always wanted to do-to travel the US and write about and photograph it’s small towns and the people who live in them. People forget just how much this great nation of ours has to offer.
    Since I am not going to get the opportunity to travel, I will follow your trip and enjoy your photos.
    Thanks again!

  2. Charlotte M

    What a great way to see some of the US. I’d love to do something like that. I’ve always enjoyed taking the less traveled routes. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I really enjoyed them.

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