New Flickr Photostream…

SchoolHouseTo take a look at the journey thus far, captured on camera, you can visit my new Flickr photostream by clicking here including extensive photographs taken at the Mii-Gwitch Mahnomen Pow Wow.  More stories in the works…  In the meantime, loving Minneapolis!



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7 responses to “New Flickr Photostream…

  1. Neal,
    Very nice photos.
    I don’t know whether you know of a guy named Chad Pregracke, who founded an organization called Living Streams & Waters in 1998. He acquired an old barge and has made it his mission to clean up the Mississippi River. He’s now on the river and working his way upstream. Take a look at the schedule on one of the pages of the Web site. You might be able to meet up somewhere in Iowa. Sounds like just the sort of story you’re looking for. The Web site is:
    Take care and be safe.

    • flashriversafari

      Thanks, Jim — will definitely check Chad’s schedule — sounds like a great story! Will let you know when I run into him. Best, Neal

  2. Neal,
    I very much like the new header photo on your blog. I’m eager to replace mine with something from the cross-country trip. Take care.

  3. Neal,
    I hate to sound like a mom, but you might consider wearing a life jacket below Minneapolis. You’ll probably encounter some pretty serious waves thrown up by passing towboats and, I understand, Lake Pepin can be very turbulent if you have a stiff wind out of the south. Take care.

  4. Neal,
    Another mom-like suggestion: Have you considered getting a marine radio to keep track of river traffic? You don’t want to get caught by surprise by a towboat and not have time to get to sheltered water. I guess some of the handheld models used on pleasure craft would work. There’s a West Marine store in Bloomington, a Minneapolis suburb, and they could probably offer some advice. I know Eddy Harris didn’t carry a radio, but Jonathan Raben considered it a lifesaver. Take care.

  5. flashriversafari

    Thanks Jim for all the advice – I truly appreciate it. Will be investing in a radio and will start wearing the vest now that I’m getting into lock and dam – big river traffic territory! Hope all’s going well for your preparations! All best, Neal

  6. Janet Koehler

    I’m truly enjoying following your river trip… Your photography is great and the stories you cover are so interesting. Really glad that we met up by Mc Gregor! I’m forwarding your website address to our grandson who just graduated from high school. Your stories will be very interesting and inspiring for him.


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