Arrival into MSP

Arrived into Minneapolis-St. Paul Monday, Aug 11, at approximately 8pm following one month and one day on the Upper Mississippi River. Will spend a handful of days here to rest up and chronicle stories for CNN. Officially I now have 494 river miles behind me with 1970 to go. Here’s to adventure!



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3 responses to “Arrival into MSP

  1. Neal,
    Congratulations on completion of the first leg of your journey. I posted today on my own blog an item about your trip, with a link to your blog and an embedded video of your summing-up of the first month on the river. Rest and have fun in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Take care and be safe on the river.
    Jim Peipert

  2. flashriversafari

    Thanks a stack, Jim. Can’t say enough about how happy I am about this trip, even though my fingers are so sore right now I can hardly type! All sincerely worth it! Really looking forward to following the launch of your cross-country adventure. One thing I’ve learned is that serendipity does play a hand in life on the road – would be really swell to meet up come Louisiana! All best, Neal

  3. jenn

    neal –
    you know i mentioned trempealeau hotel and dining hall. there is one of my favorite state parks there, but it’s a good ways from ‘town,’ even on a bike. but i just happened to remember renting a canoe at the park and through a series of twists, made it out to the river. so you could hang out by the hotel, or backtrack in the canoe all the way to the park. ask the locals at the hotel bar the route.
    interesting that in this area the wisconsin side is wetland and the minnesota side is sandy beach in many spots.
    Enjoying the heck out of following this.
    I’ve done several cross-country adventures of various sorts. the solitary ones are the best.
    i did a lot of recreational sportwriting and traveling all up and down the areas you have been and are going.
    But I will reserve comment until you get near stuff.
    You know in Winona on the bike trek, the campground was full, and the budget was low at the moment (a raccoon took my wallet with the debit card in it at another location).
    so, being episcopal, we figured it would be OK, and made chili on a gas burner behind a monument in the church columbarium, and pitched the tent under the cover of a cluster of pines in the columbarium’s far corner.
    We pull into this little town with a church and two bars, and it was dark and there was just nowhere to camp. (This was not far from Winona).
    we ordered a burger and a beer at this bar and asked the girl if she knew of any place to camp because we had misjudged the distance to a campground. ‘oh, you’re cross-country bikers,’ wait a minute.’
    Turns out the bars owners lived on property and had a lovely backyard.
    They insisted we stay. So we did.
    They were expanding into the empty space next door, so we started helping them with the move and clean up. ended up helping for three days and getting all the free beer and barfood we could drink and eat. it was a great time.
    the last night, storms were coming, and they said they had a bed in the garage. it was nice and clean and oh-so comfortable. the thunder rolled.
    i think the dog was happiest of all.

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