Status Update – Will make Minneapolis tonight

Just sat down for breakfast at Elk River’s Olde Main Eatery en route to Minneapolis – 29 river miles away. Started today’s journey at 6am back in Monticello. Fine town, Monticello – friendly fisherman gave me a small-mouth fish he’d just caught whilst literally taking his hat off to the adventure! Camped on the lawn of a very friendly couple with a river home next to the main park. Currently on the move again… Will make Minneapolis by tonight. Sincerely looking forward to it! All’s well here on the Great River Road! Next stop: MSP!



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4 responses to “Status Update – Will make Minneapolis tonight

  1. Scott Sobiech

    “Neal’s More than most” yep its me from the huck fin raft group. I have been watching your video’s (love your footage) and thought I might save you a million switch overs. This might come better from a canoer running next to you, but I will give it a shot. Its called the J stroke. A paddle stroke done on one side of the canoe. Easy to master really and you will never have to switch sides until you feel the need to alternate muschle groups. Here goes, assuming the paddle is on your right side : dip paddle perpendicular to boat in front of you. as the paddle passes your hip, rotate counter clockwise 90 degrees and at the same time sweep out to the side. That’s it. Try to run it as a smooth arc. Some strokes you will need very little J, some a little more. The key is you are not dragging to turn, nor are you switching sides and wasting time/effort. You have a long ways to go. This should help.

    • flashriversafari

      Thanks a million, Scott. A million paddle strokes to be sure! Will give it a shot! Will contact to say hello – loved the intro to your trip. Best Neal

  2. Scott Sobiech

    and by the way, feel free to email me any time.

  3. Dad and Amanda

    Hi Neal, we have spent all this Sunday morning catching up and following your travels down the Mississippi River and enjoying looking at your Photo Album. Great shots specially of you and Forrest. Also good to listen to your voice across the miles. What do you know about the Bridge that collapsed somewhere outside Minniapolis? SLM saw it on TV a short while ago and concerned. T/C, have fun, keep safe.

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