NEW Launch time…

I will be launching my canoe from the headwaters of the Mississippi River on Lake Itasca, Minnesota, Friday, July 10th, at approximately 10am.



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5 responses to “NEW Launch time…

  1. Good luck, Neal. I’ll be following your blog. I’ve just finished reading “Mississippi Solo” by Eddy L. Harris. Be careful out there.

  2. Jason Wang

    Blessing from Taiwan.
    Have a good trip.

    All the best. Jason

  3. Louis

    My heart is with you mate !
    I’ll track you journey.
    All the best.

  4. Ann

    Bon voyage!
    I’ll be watching your adventure with great interest!

  5. flashriversafari

    Thanks everyone! Having the time of my life. Helps a great deal knowing friends and family are watching. The last four days have been pretty much all alone. Met two people on the first stretch. Little trace of humanity. Nature personified!

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