A voyage of heartland, Main St., pastoral, native, natural.

KolbenI’m a great fan of travel & safari literature meets the lure, or wanderlust of planning and plotting, just prior to setting off on an epic voyage. One of my traveling treasures is an original 1731 set of Peter Kolben‘s Present State of the Cape of Good-Hope, the first scientific study of Southern Africa’s peoples and natural history. Kolben expressed the moment when he realized he was actually going to Cape Settlement as such: “Having felt, in my early Years, an ardent Desire to travel, and long fought in vain for a favourable Opportunity to gratifie so prevailing a Passion, I leave the Reader to imagine the Transport I felt…”

This word “Transport” is really a great word! This longing for expedition that led Daniel Defoe‘s first chapter of Robinson Crusoe to be titled “I Go To Sea”; that took Eric Arthur Blair from Burmese Days to Down & Out in Paris and London to an Homage to Catalonia; that transported Eddy L. Harris from Mississippi Solo to a soul-searching journey across Africa in Native Stranger; that delivered Alexander Supertramp Into the Wild; that forced Jean Louis Kerouac, complete with fifty dollars in his pocket, onto a cross-country writing session On the Road.

I feel giddy with delight even though I am none of these characters. I feel giddy because I share their delight.

LakeItascaThis voyage is going to be raw and its going to be real, set to launch in approximately six weeks. I’ve received a wondrous outpouring of heartfelt advice and support from a great number of people, including my brother, Lew, who has been there to reaffirm what I honestly believe to be the correct course: There are to be no corporate sponsors for Flash River Safari. The imagery of the voyage is heartland, Main St., pastoral, native, natural.

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