Flash River Safari: Mission Statement

I’ve been fascinated by the Mighty Mississip meets the idea of Middle America personified for quite some time.  Just the idea that one can attempt to get to the heart of the story, to the heart of who we are: our triumphs and tribulations – a celebration of our freedom – in one setting, is as Huck Finn might say, mighty powerful.  We’re knocking on the door of the Great Recession and yet this is the time when our country rises to the occasion, when we as the American people help each other out, when we stand strong.  I want to try to capture this.  I want to attempt to underscore the word “freedom” by canoeing down the entire length of the Mississippi River.  Not necessarily as a catalysis for change but as an observer, as a mirror to what we’re doing right.  I’m a fan of adventure, of Mark Twain, of Hemingway, of Dan Eldon, and of Eddy L. Harris.  I’m a fan of America.


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4 responses to “Flash River Safari: Mission Statement

  1. …and America will be a fan of YOU!

  2. flashriversafari

    Cheers, Bill! Would be grand to meet up anywhere along the voyage that works for you. We should most certainly plan yet again for the Big Easy!

  3. Marc R


    I commend you on your effort to document your journey on one of America’s great natural gifts, the Mississippi River. I am not sure if you will read this along your way but if you get to around the Prairie du Chien, WI/Marquette-McGregor, IA area (about 1 hr south of LaCrosse, WI) and would like a nice place to stay for an evening you are welcomed to stay at my motel that is located right on the main channel of the Mississippi River, the Holiday Shores Motel.

    You’ll have a great story to tell at the end of you journey and I’d like to contribute a paragraph to your story from your visit to the historic city of McGregor, IA and some Midwestern hospitality.—– Marc

  4. Hey Neal,

    Great to stumble across your site via the CNN homepage. A college buddy and I tackled part of your route back in 1997; Prairie du Chien, WI to St. Louis (we took around two weeks.)

    What a fun time, from sleeping on the sandy banks of the river… to collecting a canoe-full of floating trash every day (in an effort to leave the river cleaner than we found it.)

    Congrats on the great interviews and wonderful people you’ve met and will continue to meet. I’ll slowly be catching up on your posts.


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